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Kidtrack KT1 kids GPS watch

Keeping Parents and Kids Connected

With the rushed lives we have today it is not always possible to rest assured knowing your loved ones are safe. Do you have time to check on them? Do you really know where they are during the day? Will you be able to help your child in time when something goes wrong? Have you considered that you may need to give your child a kids GPS watch today?

Kids GPS Watch Tracking

Using the KidTrack kids GPS watch is a very easy way of knowing your children’s whereabouts at all times. Have peace of mind by creating a GEO fence for your child, if they leave a predefined area you will be notified. You as a parent have the ability to know the location of your child at any time with the use of Live GPS tracking.

Staying Connected

Through a two-way connection, you as a parent can easily use the Kidtrack Kids GPS Watch to communicate throughout the day with your child. In the event of an emergency, the SOS function of the KidTrack kids GPS watch may be critical in keeping your child safe from harm, or calling for help when they are hurt or in danger.

With the touch of a button on the watch, your child can instantly communicate with you through your cellphone.

Watch our video

Watch our video explaining the importance of the KidTrack kids GPS watch, and why your child needs one today.

Kidtrack KT1 kids GPS watch

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